Sunshine finding it’s way through the fog, straight to my inner peace.

A color-blind world maybe, but a beautiful one.

Silent Traces

People sometimes leave traces in other people’s lifes. People lighting up like fireworks, shaping new structures into those other people’s landscapes. Later on, such traces may be hidden somewhere, or the landscapes will be gone, or people will have moved on to another place. Yet, with a bit of luck everything remains in their ♥s.

2016 ☈

Trust destroyed, friends lost, not all. Journeys to self and the outer life, one step back and two steps forward, Bowie dead and Cohen dead, the Sultan burning its people not just since that ... moment. Silence, long silence, what is wrong, what is right? Seeking connection, escaping the fight? Holding the children, leaving the year, two sixteen R.I.P, two sixteen good flight.

A New Beginning

There was a road not moving.

A dead man, staring without looking, ageing without time passing.

Decent light, without the sun watching by.

There was a road.